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    1. Are multiple accounts allowed?
    2. Is account sharing allowed?

      The sharing of accounts is strongly discouraged, and highly recommended that it does not take place.

      There are many reasons for this. The primary reason for this is that the number one method of getting "hacked" and having unintended things occur to the account is due to account sharing. When an account is shared, many of the services that we can offer to assist you in recovering from such an incident are not possible.

      Secondly, it is possible that you and the person(s) you share with may have a "falling out" and quite often a war of attrition occurs on shared items/accounts. It also makes providing basic service to the account problematic such as email changes.

      Please be aware that the sharing of accounts may result in the loss of support, and the eligibility or protection of a restoration of any kind. The user becomes fully responsible for the actions taken on the account as a result of account sharing.

      Lastly, all actions found done to the account are the responsibility of the account owner, when compromised..

    3. Inviters and Invitees
    4. What is Passkey?