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    1. Are multiple accounts allowed?
    2. Is account sharing allowed?
    3. Inviters and Invitees

      Please also be aware that you as the inviter are responsible for your invitees so help them out by making sure they read the site rules, general tips (Mainly stay AWAY from packs) and possibly suggest outside seeding for them in order to help them build a nice ratio buffer here. Dont just invite them and send them on their way.

      This is where we find most users get banned and if we see this happening, action will be taken to the inviter for choosing not to help the users they invite and just leave them to their own devices on a strange torrent site.

      Multiple occurances of this could lead to a warning on the inviter and if a user comes to us with help on basic things that the inviter should have covered then we normally do follow up on thise. YOU are responsible for your invitees. If they cheat, it's probable that the inviter didn't give them tips, guidelines on ratio etc..

    4. What is Passkey?